7 Powerful Ways Too Look SEXIER In Bed


Do YOU prefer it with the lights off? Is it because you are worried that you DON'T look sexy enough?!! 

Don't worry 75% of people only have sex in the dark! But the BEST SEX is when you FEEL SEXY enough to do it with the lights on! 

Here are 7 Ways you can make yourself SEXIER:

1/ Wear smaller Lingerie Bra's! 👙

Most women are wearing bra's that are TOO big for them without realising it! If you have a bra that is slightly tighter it will make your boobs perkier! 

2/ Take a Shower Before 💧

You are in complete control of how you smell! Whip on some perfume after YOUR shower and it will send his heart racing! 

3/ Baby Oil/Lotion ❤️

When his fingers caress your soft skin, he won't be able to get enough of you! You are also proven to look sexier if you have the greased up look! 

4/ Rock That Hair 💇‍♀️

If you are about to have sex with your guy, TRUST ME he will think you are the sexiest girl in the world! In the moment his hormones and desire to have sex will overwhelm him! But he is still going to be staring straight at your hair, so make it look pretty! Don't use hairspray (let it flow around when things get naughty!).

5/ Feel Sexy 🤭

If YOU feel sexy he will want you so much it will hurt! Even if you struggle with this there is something you can do!! Arouse yourself beforehand! Masturbate a little if you have too! You will be so overwhelmed with desire that you won't be worrying about how you look! 

6/ Don't Ruin Your Face 📛

Do YOU want Mascara running down your face just as he gets to the point of orgasm? Lipstick smeared over his face! Keep your sex classy! 

7/ Get Some High Quality Lingerie 🙊

You will feel sooo sexy if you... accentuate your assets, lift the parts that sag and make it easy for him to get off! I've never met a women that doesn't look good in a corset! Give that one a try!


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