SAVE YOUR SEX LIFE | Shocking Facts | 10 Ways To Spice Things Up!


Answer me this... (and be honest) Is your SEX life as exciting as it used to be?

In over 1/3 of marriages, one or both partners admit to cheating! Why... Because they are bored of the same OLD sex routine! 😨

Don't Worry! We have your back! We have all the information you need to spice up your life before your partner loses interest! ✅

1/ Stare Into Each Others Eyes 👀

It might sound strange, but this helpful tip can be used in or out of bed! If you do this when you feel confident, this energy will be transferred to them! 😘

2/ Saved By The Bell 🛎

This one is tricky! Set a timer during sex for 20 minutes! You aren't aloud to take off each others sexy lingerie or underwear until the timer goes off...! 

3/ Send A Sexy Message 🙊

Send them a cheeky text... and each message you send make it a little bit more naughty! Do this throughout the day... by the time you get home, you'll be desperate to rip each-others clothes off! 

4/ Don't Just Message... MASSAGE! 🤭

As you gently caress your partner you will feel yourself getting to them... The excitement will build until its too much!

5/ Simon Says... Bend Over 🤫

Its time to switch positions! We are sure you are both bored of the same old Missionary... a bit of doggy on the weekend. Try something that really pushes the boundaries! 

6/ No Hands 🤚

Try and go the whole session without using them... focus on the lips, skin and breath...

7/ Role Play 🤠

Imagine a big fireman whisking you off your feet and throwing you down on the bed... Why not give 'reverse cowgirl' a whole new meaning and dress up rodeo style! 

8/ Buy a present for two! 🎁

Show your partner before it arrives.. they will spend all day thinking about YOU! 

9/ Try Silent Sex 🍆

Its not as easy as it sounds... when your not aloud to moan, you will find yourself bursting with pleasure!!!

10/ Get New SEXY Lingerie 😍

Experience unbelievable sex and powerful orgasms! YOU will feel so confident in the bedroom and your partner won't be able to get enough of YOU! 👇👇👇



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